Creative space, art community.

DigitalCraft Studio

We bring the value!

What we do

  • We create art: digital assets, NFTs.

  • We place the works of our studio, as well as the works of our partners on marketplaces, we promote these works.

  • We collect high-quality works and make investments.

  • We build a community. Community members get access to privileges, limited collections, and discounts.

  • We are looking for collaborations with talented authors.

Modern art, always one step ahead

Our NFT collections

NFT collections on the OpenSea marketplace:

AI Art exclusives collection
Some good coubs collection

Works by artificial intelligence (AI) with human participation. We believe that AI can create amazing art that can inspire and evoke emotions. These NFTs are minted in a limited number of 10-50 pieces. They are rare and always get more expensive.

These are video NFTs based on the project. This project is dying, but gave us cool works by different authors. Funny, strange, meditative – these are short videos with music, collected from different sources and rethought anew. We watch them over and over again, it’s worth it. These NFTs are limited edition of 50-100 pieces. We are going to develop this collection even further.

Our very special Celebrock project!

Make Celebrock Yours

Celebrock collection

Movie and music stars, politicians and businessmen, pop culture icons - we recognize them in every art style!
Celebrock is an NFT collection of art pictures of some famous people.
Celebrock is a high-quality and affordable product with constantly increasing value.
Invest in Celebrock now and get rare, 1/1 NFTs!


We proudly present our collaboration with the independent Ukrainian artist Alona Hryn!

We create digital art assets. Beautiful. Consistent. Unique.

Project roadmap

Q1 2022
- Project definition.
- Launch website.
- Register social networks accounts.
- Mint and list 1st NFT collection.
- Launch 1st NFT giveaway.
Q2 2022
- Build roadmap v1.
- Mint and list 2nd NFT collection.
- Launch NFT giveaways.
- Run a collaboration program for authors. Start collaboration with at least one author.
- Mint and list NFT collections by the 1st author.
Q3 2022
- Build roadmap v2.
- 100 Twitter followers.
- Extend NFT collections.
Q4 2022
- Run Discord server.
- Run community activities.
- Mint and list 3rd (special) NFT collection.
Q1 2023
- Extend NFT collections.
- Launch NFT giveaways.


- What actually inspired you?We believe in technology. And in art as well. So digital art for us is something inspirational and promising.- What blockchain are you on? What’s your total supply?Our NFT collections are on the following marketplaces:1. OpenSea, Polygon blockchain is used. Supply is 10 to 50 per NFT, so those are pretty rare.
2. Rarible, Ethereum blockchain. Rare, 1/1 NFTs.
See also the #about channel of the Discord server.- What’s the NFTs floor price?1. ‘Some good coubs’ collection: 0.03-0.04 ETH
2. ‘AI Art exclusives’ collection: 0.03-0.04 ETH
3. ‘Celebrock’ collection: 0.05 ETH
*Some of the NFTs were given in giveaways so they can have lower price.- Are you looking for paid promotions?We have no promotional budget at the moment. So the answer is no. We have strong team to achieve our goals. Anyway you may drop your offers into the #promotions or #support channels of the Discord server.- I’m a good promoter, manager, etc. Are you hiring?We are not hiring at the moment.

Thanks! 🙏

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